A combination of funding and knowledge transfer
The Foundation believes that there are many people who want to do something for others but without the means to do so. Our financial support aims to help these people to transfer their knowledge and experience. For example, we support doctor's when they offer unpaid medical care in rural areas; the foundation covers all expenses. We do the same for projects where teachers, engineers or social workers are needed. The services provided are always unpaid and the Foundation reimburses expenses.

Small, practical and personal
The foundation focuses on small-scale projects, setup and implemented by local organizations and / or individuals. The funds provided go directly and in entirety to the selected projects. Our donations are often complementary to other local donations.

Reliable and knowledgeable
The foundation aims to support enduring and worthwhile projects. We engage with the managers of projects to ensure that they are reliable and knowledgeable individuals, who will share our vision. We want our involvement to endure and we expect strong succession planning and training to ensure that a project continues long after the project manager has left.

The Foundation is committed to sustainable solutions. Our support is provided in such a way that the projects eventually become less dependent on external aid.

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