World Child Foundation Fund was established in 2007. Our primary focus is on small-scale projects around the world that deal with the wellbeing of children. These are projects mainly in the field of education and training, health, sports, entrepreneurship, microfinance and infrastructure. World Child Fund supports children in the Netherlands and abroad, regardless of race, creed, gender or caste.

World Child Fund's goal is to support projects that improve the situation of children structurally by transferring knowledge and financial resources. To achieve this, the board of World Child Fund is closely involved in all projects selected.

World Child Fund is financed by several donors and is entirely dependent of these donations.

The board is established on voluntary basis, which ensures that maximum funds are donated to our selected projects. The Foundation has Dutch ANBI status. According to the Dutch Tax Legislation donations from a Dutch legal entity are tax deductible.

The Board members:
Heleen Rijkens - Unger - Chairman
Irène Gebhard - von Winning - Treasurer and Secretary
Ernst Advocaat
Feyo van Heemstra
Carine Wilde - Kodde

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